Corsicana to Waco

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Interlocking Tower Point of Interest

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Greg Harrison

Interlocking Towers

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
8 Waco (East Waco) StL&SW, I-GN    Mechanical 6/12/1903 1988
46 Hubbard StL&SW, T&BV    Mechanical 7/7/1904 1935
Other abandonments: Cleburne to Teague   
184 Corsicana StL&SW, T&NO    Electrical 1937 1988
Located less than 1,000 feet from Tower 72

Corsicana to Waco abandoned in 1980's or 1990's. From Corsicana went west to the wye (about S 37th Street), then through Purdon, Hubbard, Mount Calm, Axtell, and Waco. I don't know the details of the line west from Atco (just west of Waco), but I remember when it went all the way to McGregor. It eventually ended at Gatesville, but may have gone even further to Hamilton.

Kal Silverberg
Fort Worth, TX


Yes, the line did indeed go all the way to Hamilton, and it didn't stop there, either. Just west of Hamilton it branched into two lines, with one leg going to Stephenville, and the other going to Comanche. Not sure on the dates of abandonment west of Waco, other than it was cut back to Lime City in 1972. The Corsicana-Lime City section was abandoned in 1988.

Joe Rogers
Alvarado, TX


This isn't exactly a Corsicana-to-Waco thing, but a McGregor thing, and I didn't see a page for SLSW abandonments west of Waco...

There's an old decrepit depot just a stone's throw from the SpaceX rocket testing facility. Coordinates: 31.401863, -97.458972

It doesn't appear to be on the main Cotton Belt route, but was probably part of some sort of service to the old industrial/weapons facility there.

Looking at the aerials, it looks like the service line may have connected to both the SLSW and (what's now the) BNSF.

Win Emmons
Waco, TX


We moved into our current home in 1974. The SSW line was still running, mostly on the dirt. It was always a hoot as I sometimes you could hear them fo, seems like hours. They seldom , guesstimate, went over 10 mph if they could nit on the track. Lots of derails. I heard a rumor that to abandon a line required government approval, and if they spent more time on the ground than on the rail they would complain the line was in irreparable shape and ask for abandonment. Not sure about that one.

Then in 88 no mo whistles, however I have one in my shop that brings back memories

Jim Compton
Corsicana, TX


I have a few photos of bridges that remain in place just east of Richland Creek will post once accepted. Also a couple of sticks of 95lb rail remain next to roadbed behind Big Lots Store in Corsicana.

Mark Wiley
Corsicana, TX, TX


We run on this line still west of waco and service lehigh cement at its farthest point. The track is 10mph and horrible. The old railroaders always said it went to gatesville and serviced an old bomb facility underground and terminated. The line into corsicana now connects to the union pacific line and turns south toward houston. There used to be an interlocker at the union pacific depot in corsicana were it crossed heading to waco. There's an old texas electric passenger car near it now. The line wyed on the west side of corsicana near the old walmart and went to hillsboro also. We abandoned the old cotton belt yard at waco just east of the present day union pacific(katy) yard around 2008. It was right behind the old general tire plant. The line crossed the katy headed toward gatesville. The old cotton belt bridge is still across the brazos rive parallel the the katy bridge.

Austin, TX


The cottonbelt from corsicana abandoned in the 80s ran (slowly) near our house. I have a question. The line in McGregor is a pickup spot for Amtrac and the line runs east to some factories. Who ownes that line today ane is it the ols cotton belt line? Forgive typos. Big fingers small screen


Jim Compton

Jim Compton
Corsicana, TX


Jim, the line in mcgregor is the santa fe. The old cotton belt line used to cross the santa fe at mcgregor. The santa fe line going east runs into temple. The old cotton belt line is gone from lehigh cement southwest of waco(richie) to gateville. I believe the grain elevator just north of the santa fe line adjacent to hwy 84 in mcgregor is part of the old cotton belt but everything else is gone. Theres an old cotton belt depot in gateville. I dont know if thats the original location or if it was moved. I never could tell where the line actually entered gateville.

austin, TX


comanche to gatesville abandon in 1936 highway is the railroad. someone didnot want get of the train he rode it backward the train one then around other way

travis gober
abilene tx


Service on the line was discontinued October 14, 1985 when SP started operations between Hearne and East Waco. The 53.8 mile Cotton Belt line between Corsicana and East Waco was abandoned June 29, 1988. Authority was per ICC Docket No. ICC AB-39 Sub 10X. Cotton Belt abandonment data compiled by David Bernstein for the 2007 Cotton Belt Symposium.

Edwin Cooper
Shelbyville, KY


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