Corsicana to Hillsboro

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  • States: Texas   
  • Railroads: StL&SW   
Interlocking Tower Point of Interest

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Greg Harrison

Interlocking Towers

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
167 Hillsboro MKT, B-RI    Unknown
Other abandonments: Hillsboro to Waxahachie, Cleburne to Teague   
181 Mertens StL&SW, I-GN    Unknown

Corsicana to Hillsboro abandoned in the 1930's. Line paralleled TX 22 most of the way, but it was curvy as opposed to straight. Started at a wye on the west side of Corsicana and went west through Barry, Blooming Grove, Frost, Mertens, Brandon, and entered Hillsboro a little north of due east.

Kal Silverberg
Fort Worth, TX


According to Google Maps, the right-of-way is still visible as it enters Blooming Grove from the east. God bless.

Cleveland, MS


If you look on the satellite photos at the north end of Hillsboro you can still see tracks from this line on both sides of I 35. East side is all grown over, but tracks are still visible. West side of 35 is in an industrial area and still used. It wyed onto the Katy line from Ft. Worth to Waco and also crossed the line from Teague to Cleburne at the same spot. This must have been a busy place back in the day!

Mike Novak
Granbury, TX


The tracks are gone. I work for union pacific through hillsboro. We still use the old katy wye that went to dallas. Just like i-35 splits at hillsboro the tracks did too. The old cotton belt line crossed the katy and t&bv just north of the present fire station and paralled the katy dallas line through an industrial area. The bridge abutment is still there, as is an old wooden bridge pillar just west of the katy line of the t&bv.

Austin, TX


highway 36 is the railroad from comanche tx thru hamilton tx

travis gober
abilene tx


Cotton Belt's 40.2 mile line between Corsicana Jct. and Hillsboro was abandoned on March 23, 1940. This was authorized by Docket # ICC FD 12402. Cotton Belt abandonment data compiled by David Bernstein for the 2007 Cotton Belt Symposium.

Edwin Cooper
Shelbyville, KY


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