Scott City to Winona


(Forwarded from the Colorado, Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad)

Note: Historic time-line info provided by Janet Bean, Curator, Fick Fossil Museum (Oakley, KS)

This line, in western Kansas, was originally constructed as the Scott City Northern and reached Winona on July 2, 1911, It was the shortest independent line in Kansas at the time.

The line was in receivership by January, 1913 and in August 1913 Commonwealth Trust and Security Company (St. Louis) bid $175,000 for the line. At some point the name was changed to Colorado Kansas & Oklahoma.

In August 1917 the CKO requested abandonment of the northern section of line between Russell Springs and Winona. The last scheduled train ran on November 1, 1917.

Evidently the southern section was abandoned around that time also. In December 1917, the property was sold to Joseph Hyman (Chicago) for $316,000, with the steel rails to be used for the World War I effort.

Satellite photos on Terraserver show the right of way passing through the northeast corner of Russell Springs. Further south, the entrance road to Lake Scott State Park (near US 83) is near the right-of-way.

The line left a Santa Fe connection in Scott City heading north-northwest, and passed through Kelson, Christy, Keystone, Elkader, Logansport, Bowie, Harwi, Russell Springs, Disney and ended at Winona where it joined the Union Pacific.

Thanks to Joseph Wessel for contributing information about this route.

Is this line still in place today



The entire line was pulled up in 1913 or 1914. There are very few visual signs this line exists anymore. Past Russell Springs towards Winona, there is no sign of it on Terraserver. But from Russell Springs east along the Smoky Hill River and the gradual curve out of the river valley down to the Lake Scott State Park road turn off to U.S. 83, there is still traces to be seen.

Joseph Wessel
Satanta, KS


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