Mount Dora to Farley

The Colmor Cut-off


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Photo by Charlie Tucker.

This abandoned railway line was supposed to bypass the 4.03% grades of Raton Pass, but was obviated by the 1909 Belen Cut-Off.

The ATSF built a line from Boise City, OK to Clayton, NM; from Clayton, ATSF gained access to Mount Dora via trackage rights on the Colorado & Southern (now BNSF). Out of Mount Dora, ATSF began to build a line through Farley to connect with their mainline at Colmor. However, building west of Farley meant crossing the Canadian River, and since the Belen Cutoff had already been completed, the new line was considered unnecessary. Thus, the Colmor Cut-off was abandoned, a mere 35 miles shy of its destination; the existing tracks were removed in 1942.

Today, one can still see where the right-of-way abruptly ends about one mile west of Farley.

Thanks to Steve Allen Goen for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 13790 Date: 6/15/1942 Section: 1
Application of Elkhart & Santa Fe Railway for abandonment of line from Bosie City, Okla. to Clayton, New Mexico and from Mt. Dora to point near Farley, N. Mex. and to discontinue operation over the line of The Colorado and Southern Railway Company between Clayton and Mt. Dora, New Mexico, a distance of 95.35 miles (Cimarron County, Okla. and Union and Colfax Counties, N. Mex.)
Length: 95.35 miles Citation: 254 ICC 804  
Also under this filing: Boise City, OK to Clayton, NM   

I have always been interested in this line (about 38 years!) and have always wanted to drive along it. Never enough time and the one time I tried a big ole rain storm came up and we nearly got stuck just east of Farley at the river crossing. May be another time. Curious, is Charlie Tucker any relation to Glen Tucker former C&S agent at Mt Dora? I worked on C&S as an operator in the 70s. Thanks.

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Glad to see ICC Abandonment Filings are starting to make their appearance on the site. Great resource!

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I wonder why the Santa Fe went ahead with building this line even though they didn't need it?

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