Coleman to Auburndale

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

Developed into the General James A Van Fleet State Rail Trail.

Mike Fromholt
Fort Wayne, IN


This was some of the last major Railroad construction to take place in the United States. The Miami Extention, as it was known, was begun in the 1920s and completed in record time to give the Saboard the link they needed to reach Miami.It was busy all thoughout the Seaboard era surviving the SCL merger into CSX. In the 1980s, CSX was shedding off excess trackage and the trains were rerouted onto the Tampa line and then down the Vitis Sub to Lakeland and over ex. ACL trackage to Auburndale to regain SAL rails. It was a "Zig-Zag" pattern for CSX and required rerouting the Silver Star.One of the main reasons for the abandonment was the lack of online traffic. Trains were rerouted in late 1988. The rails were pulled in Spring of 1989. I hvae Pictures of that to contribute.

Eugene Cain
Hardeeville, SC


It's a shame this line was ripped up. Now, CSX wishes it had this route due to all of the traffic due to changes in the Orlando railroad market.

Bill Histed
Mulberry, Floridea, FL


I moved up here from Ft. Pierce in the summer of 1988 when I was eight years old. I remember getting barbecue at Willet's BBQ (which was right next to the tracks on 301 just south of Coleman, and watching the railroad gates come down and then seeing a fast-moving Amtrak train barreling through. It was the last time I ever saw a train go down those tracks. I sure wish those tracks would have stayed.

Ryan Traynor
Wildwood, FL


I can only wonder if anyone has written or told CSX that they should rebuild this rail line (for their benefit)? It has been astounding to me to discover the many traces & evidence of abandoned & eliminated rail lines in central florida. May CSX give some consideration into the idea.

Emmanuel Penn
Manhattan, NY


This is now a paved recreation trail

Lithia, FL


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