Abandoned Rails of Coatesville

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Westwood Spur: The Westwood Spur crosses over PA Route 372 in Coatesville, PA. Photo by Joe Sharretts.

Westwood Spur: This short spur once served an industry at Westwood, adjacent to Coatesville. It left the former Philadelphia Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Coatesville, and ran to the industry. While this spur is abandoned today, the industry it served still has railroad service, but from the other direction; where this spur approached from the west, new railroad spurs were constructed from the former Philadelphia & Reading Railroad south of Coatesville, and these approach from the east. Date of abandonment of this spur is not known.

Quarry Spur: Another short spur once served a mine quarry west of Coatesville at the town of Pomeroy. This branch came off the mainline in Coatesville and immediately crossed Old Wilmington Road, following along North Road/Green Belt Avenue to the site of the quarry. Date of abandonment of this spur is not known.

See also The Pomeroy Branch.

If you can provide any other information about these spurs or other abandoned rails in the area, please leave a comment below; thank you!

Thanks to Joe Sharretts for contributing information about this route.

I believe the west spur served Lukens Steel and that the tracks were never removed.

Joe Sharretts
Coatesville, PA


i saw the pictures of bridges.is there any rail or equipment abandoned on this line and is there any plans for future development?please let me know.thank you.

george oakley
reading, PA


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