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The Coal Lick Run Branch

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Greg Harrison

The Coal Lick Run Branch, which ran adjacent to its namesake river, the Coal Lick Run, was actually a collection of smaller branches (like the Rainey Branch, see below) that served local coke mines in the area. As the coke mines' production diminished over time, so did the usefulness of these assorted branchlines, and they were abandoned one-by-one.

Today, due to the earliness of some of the abandonments, the line is hard to find in some places. Not all of the branches are shown in the map above, but only the ones verified using historical topographical maps. Also, it is not known where "Ache Junction" is with the Monongahela Railway, though it is presumed to be at Footedale, PA.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 10989 Date: 10/18/1935 Section: 1
App. of Pennsylvania RR Co. to abandon portion of its Coal Lick Run Branch extending from Liberty Coal & Coke mine #1 to a connection with the Monongahela Ry Co., at Ache Junction, a distance of 2.55 miles all in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
Length: 2.55 miles Citation: 212 ICC 215  
Docket Number: 11213 Date: 5/20/1936 Section: 1
App. to abandon portion of its Rainey Branch extending from valuation Station 54 plus 20 near Jamison Mine of South Union Coal Company to the terminus of said branch at the Revere Coke Works of W. J . Railey, Inc., a distance of 1.42 miles, all in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
Length: 1.42 miles Citation: 217 ICC 77  
Docket Number: 22839 Date: 11/4/1963 Section: 1(18)
Application and Ret. to Q. for authority to abandon its Rainey Branch extending from its junction with the Coal Lick Run Branch to its terminus at Val. Sta. 54+20, a distance of 1.03 mi., together with appurtenant tracks, located in Fayette County, Pa.
Length: 1.03 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: 24279 Date: 7/18/1966 Section: 1(18)
Application and Ret. to Quest. for authority to (1) abandon its Dunbar Br. extending from a connection with the Southwest Branch to its terminus at V.S. l9+50, a distance of 0.37 mi., together with 0.14 mi. of sidetrack and (2) that portion of its Coal Lick Run Branch extending from V.S. 113+50 to its terminus at V.S. 289+00, a distance of 3.32 mi., all located in Fayette County, Pa.
Length: 3.32 miles Citation:  
Also under this filing: The Dunbar Branch   

i was looking at this rail site and was wondering if there was any rail or equipment still around.please let me know.thank you.

george oakley
reading, PA


I was comparing this old line map to google maps to see if there were still old tracks in place. There is no sign of any tracks being there at all. They were there at one point but are not visalbe now. I have been to Uniontown but have never ventured out to find these hind in rails.

Nicholas Walters
Erie, PA


thanks Nicholas.i was just thinking that like a lot of abandoned rail lines,this one might have rail,bridges and equipment left behind.doesn't look like it though.thanks for the response Nicholas.

george oakley
reading, PA


My grandparents purchased the superintendents house for Continental Mine #2 which was served by the Coal Lick Branch. I spent many summers there as a child. The mine was closed by then and the line was mostly inactive. I remember a train coming a couple of times in the early sixties. We would go for walks along the tracks and I remember some old rail cars still on the tracks. I think the rails were removed in the 1970's.

Mike Shipley
Uniontown, PA


Thanks Mike for the information.It still would be nice to check around the area though.

george oakley
reading, OK


I wrote a book called Slavery-Coal Miners, Life in a patch, Amend Works, Pa....go to web...I was born in Amend and there are old pictures in the book.

Curtis A Early
willowick, OH


Thanks for the information about the book.have to look into it.

george oakley
reading, PA


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/70u

Do you have any pictures or information about The Coal Lick Run Branch? Please . You will get credit for anything you contribute.