Mineral City to Valley Junction

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  • States: Ohio   
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The Cleveland Terminal and Valley Branch

Point of Interest

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 11264 Date: 6/27/1936 Section: 1
App. to abandon part of Cleveland Terminal & Valley Branch extending from Val. Sta, 3914 plus 00, at or near Mineral City to end of line, Val. Sta, 3985 plus 58 at Valley Junction approximately 1.35 miles in length, all in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, to acquire interests in and to operate over that portion of the Pennsylvania Railroad System extending from its Val. Sta. 1074 plus 00 to its Val. Sta. 1131 plus 99, a distance of about 1.10 miles all in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
Length: 1.35 miles Citation: 217 ICC 456  

Your map is a little wrong. Where you show the track following SR 212, is actually part ofthe W&LE original alignment prior to the building of Dover Dam.The B&O continued on South to Dover Oh.

Travis Curlutu
Canton, OH


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