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The railroad turntable, just south of Cleveland, can be found in the overgrowth, with the concrete stiles of the surrounding roundhouse visible enamating outward from the turntable pit. Photo by Matthew Nichols, February 2009.

Matt Nichols shares photos of abandoned rails around Cleveland, MS. Once served by four railroads, the last railroad was the Columbus and Greenville Railway; the tracks for its mainline through town were taken up in 1999.

One artifact of note that still remains in Cleveland is the former Yazoo & Mississippi Valley Railroad turntable, built in 1916 (and subsequently owned by Illinois Central). Accompanying the turntable is also the foundation of the roundhouse it once served, complete with concrete service pits and some tracks. However, an urban developer has bought the land on which the turntable and roundhouse sit with intentions to prepare the land for an incoming neighborhood. Matt was able to get pictures of the roundhouse and turntable beforehand, but, sadly, the roundhouse foundation has since been demolished and removed. Fortunately, the turntable has been saved and donated to the city for restoration; ultimately it will be included as part of a rail-trail through town.

Thanks to Matthew Nichols for contributing information about this route.

Great pictures, Matthew!

According to "those in the know", Cleveland never had a roundhouse, just a turntable with service pits.

The concrete loading dock belonged to the Federal Compress. Just about every community served by railroad in the Mississippi Delta had at least one cotton compress.

There was once a communications tower somewhere to the east of the railroad yard. I don't know if the adjoining building remains or not. God bless.

Chris Balducci
Cleveland, MS


Thanks! Some fellow DSU students and I have been trying to find out more about Cleveland's railroad history, do you know of any places to start looking?

Matthew N
Oxford, MS


Great pics! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I plan to retrace as much of the old Hwy 61 route as possible, and will stop by and check out what's left of the turntable. Looks like the new neighborhood is built out (Feb '14).

Moss Point, MS


Does anyone know the length (of the rails) of this table and if it still exists? People I know in Colorado need an 80-foot table for their roundhouse restoration.

Bob Yarger
Gansevoort, NY


I have driven over several times just to look at the turntable , which as most of you know has been cleaned of debris and is the centerpiece of a nice housing development . I enjoy pieces of history like this . I will go back . I have pictures on my phone and if I knew how I would share them .

Eddie Rowe
Crossett, AR


If someone visits this turntable, could they please measure the length of the rails on it and report back? While the table has been incorporated into the housing development, it's not unthinkable that it could later be considered an eyesore -- and scrapped. If it's 80 feet long, I have a place it could go.

Bob Yarger
Wilton, NY


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