Clarinda, IA to Corning, MO

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I used to ride this line as a child to teenager in the late 40s to early 50s. An uncle I visited had a farmhouse south of Westboro that was right next to the tracks. The engineer always gave us kids a toot and threw candy out the window as the train passed by. When I'd ride the train down, the crew let us off right in front of my uncle's house. Imagine my surprise about 10 years ago when I visited a cousin still living in the house and found that there was no hint of the former Burlington branch. The cuts on both sides of the house had been graded back to the original contours and it was as if the rr never existed.

Samuel J McNaughton
Westboro, MO

The Burlington branch from Clarenda to Corning was originally known as the 'Tarkio Valley' line. This line was in service from 1882 until 1981. My father has the complete history of this line which (as you say)can hardly be found today. Give him a call at (630) 357-1861 or email me at if you want additional information.

James Christen
Berrien Springs, MI