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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB 12 Sub 51 Date: 10/19/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 104.37 near Citrus in a northerly direction to the end of the branch at MP 106.36 near Fair Oaks, a distance of 1.99 miles in Sacramento County, Calif.
Length: 1.99 miles Citation:  

The Fair Oaks depot was on the south side of the American River, adjacent to the highway bridge across the river to the town of Fair Oaks. In 1958 my family moved to Fair Oaks and there was still a little fruit production activity in town, maybe some shipped out via the railroad? Sometime in the 60's the area from the River to Highway 50 (south) began to be developed for residential and office park use. I don't know what year the railroad no longer ran on that line, but my memory doesn't recall any active service at that time.

There was a large PCA rock crushing operation (using old gold dredge tailing piles) nearby on that side of the river but I believe all the aggregate was trucked out for freeway construction - the plant was running 24 hours a day for some years in the late 50's /early 60's.

Mike Beehler
Olympia/Lacey area, WA


The aggregates operation was last run by Lone Star Industries in the mid-1970s. They did ship out rock and gravel material by rail, and had a small 4-wheeled diesel and a GE 45-ton centercab to switch cars in their facility.

lynn powell
Stockton, CA


It's mostly a bike trail now. A little bit of rail still exists (or did until very recently) near the far south end. Grade crossing at Folsom Blvd stayed until light rail was built 2005ish.

Mike B
Folsom, CA


Yeah, that's the line that ran up to PCA (Pacific Cement and Aggregate)on the American River from the line running along Folsom Blvd. As a kid riding shotgun in my dad's dump truck, in the 50's, I remember seeing dosens of open rail cars loaded with rock etc... ready for pick-up on that line, as my dad's truck was being loaded with cobbles at PCA.

Randy Owens
Sacramento , CA


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