Citrus Springs to Lacoochee

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  • States: Florida   
  • Railroads: ACL   

Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This is now an awesome 46 mile long bike trail

Joe Blow
Tampa, FL


Describing this section as running to Lacoochee is somewhat misleading, in that it does not in fact go to or through Lacoochee. There is another abandoned line, the Sanford and St Pete (ACL), called by old-timers the ''Goat Road'', that wound its way through Lacoochee. There is also a former SAL line, still present, going through there.

This line actually goes down through Trilby to Owensboro Junction.

Pensacola, FL


There's the remnants of the old swing bridge crossing the Withlacoochee River about 1/2 mile west of US41 just before you enter Dunnellon from the south.

There are two large concrete bases in the river, the middle one has a steel rail forming a circle (about 8 feet diameter) that allowed the center span to swing / rotate on it for boat traffic.

Then the concrete embankments are still visible from the river as well.

Ocala, FL


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