Guthrie to Chandler

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Choctaw, Oklahoma & Western Railroad)

There's small chunks of this rail still present in Guthrie. There's a section in the street on Perkins Ave, east of Division (Hwy 77) 50 feet or so that ran to the back side of the Rock Island Depot as shown on this map.

There's also some present where the line went east from the Y, west of Division in Between Grant and Lincoln.

Eric Harlow
Edmond, OK


I grew up in Guthrie. My grandfather owned 40 acres that this railroad ran through, south of town. We loved the railroad dikes on his land and the sandstone tunnels that went through them. We collected a sizeable number of spikes. Grandpa Allen used some of the RR timbers for posts. There is a little-known RR roundtable that we played around/in. I may be the only person that knows its location.

Joe Clark
Oklahoma City, OK


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