Chickamauga to Durham

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway line ran from Chickamauga, GA, to the coal mines at Durham, GA, located atop Lookout Mountain.

The line was abandoned in 1951 and the rails were removed the following year. A majority of the former right-of-way can still be traced, although some of it has been encroached on and part of it goes through a private nature preserve.

More recently, the former ROW was given to Walker County, GA. The City of Chickamauga, in cooperation with the Walker County, intended to build a trail on the right-of-way from Chickamauga to Lula Falls, where the route first reached the top of Lookout Mountain. After already receiving a grant to pay for the first part of it, the plans were dropped because of opposition from land owners along the property.

Thanks to Harold Holiman for contributing information about this route.

Thge ROW was given to Walker County in 1951 or 52 when the line was abandonded. The rails to trails plan was what was recently. The county has owned the ROW unused for about 58 or so years. A short portion of the trail was built along the ROW to the coke ovens within the city limits of Chickamauga before the plans were abandonded.

Harold Holiman
LaFayette, GA


Too bad the trail idea was abandoned also. As an avid rail fan and Rails-To-Trails enthusiast,I was wondering if the TAG line that intersects with this line has been considered for any activities? It'd be a great RTT project and as a walker and bike rider I know it could generate revenue for local economy. We've driven to Florida,Virginia,N.C.,S.C.,Iowa,Wisconsin and many other states just for this reason! I live on the W&A line(now owned by CSX)in Tunnel Hill and walk from my house to watch the CSX trains carry cars from Chattanooga to ports unknown!

Michael Whitfield
Tunnel Hill, GA


The Rails to Trails idea was doomed from the start on account of illegal dumping in the vicinity of Lula Lake years ago. Many years ago, I had the privilege to hike the portion of the line within the nature preserve. Following the abandonment, Lula Lake became a popular illegal dumping ground. The illegal dumping prompted the owners to bar public access to Lula Lake-long a favorite picnic area for locals. The nature preserve is only open by invitation from the owner and is patrolled by armed security.

Alan Walker
Tucson, AZ


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