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The Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad


Map submitted by Robert Cole.

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The Blakeney Hotel in Pageland. The building used to have a balcony on the front. The railroad ran behind the hotel and was a primary reason for it being built. Photo by Whit Whitaker.

The Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad was named for the two counties in which it was intended to provide service. The railroad never made it to Lancaster County, however. As construction progressed, funds ran out as the railroad approached the community of Crowburg, west of Pageland.

Pageland experienced a boom due to railroad traffic when the line arrived. Once the railroad reached Pageland in 1904, various businesses, including the Blakeney Hotel (pictured here), sprang up along the tracks in order to serve travelers. The Pageland train depot was located on North Sycamore Street near East Godfrey Street. Seaboard Air Line was affiliated with the line and apparently managed it for a period until 1940. The railroad was run by others for a few years after that and then was abandoned and the tracks were removed. Some small sections of track did survive and can be located with a bit of investigation. Supposedly track does still exist near a mine in Crowburg.

From Cheraw on the SAL, the line went through Excelsior, Thompson, Evans Mill, Rivers, Chesterfield, Caloe, Ruby, Mt. Croghan, Maynards, Guess, Magnums, Pageland and ending in Crowburg.

I moved to Pageland SC 7yrs ago. I live off of Crowburk Rd. I found an old brick foundation in the woods behind my house and was told that the RR Station use to be behind my house. According to your web site, the map shows the RR Station was between Close Rd and SC 207. If you please, I would like info on the Crowburg, SC area and the C&L RR Station. Thank You,

Raven Shafer
pageland, SC


I believe the only two surviving structures built by the C&L are shown in this link to Google Maps Street View of the 100 block of Cotton St. in Chesterfield, SC. Cotton St. runs down what once was the C&L right-of-way. The old freight depot is on the left, and the passenger depot on the right. The psgr depot is undergoing a rebuild into something new. It had been converted into a private dwelling.

Michael Young
Florence, SC


As of Aug. 11, 2016, there is a postcard of the Pageland Depot and a very strange gas car on the C&L for sale on Ebay by vendor scview. Just FYI, not my image to post!


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