Cobleskill to Cherry Valley

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The Cherry Valley Branch


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

does anyone know where i can obtain yard plans/diagrams for Hyndsville, Seward and Sharon Springs?

john bates
cobleskill, NY


The line has been abandoned atleast since 1968, atleast where the bridge crosses US 20 just east of the Cherry Valley exit. At one time I'm sure this was a profitable and picturesque branch line of the D&H. If anyone knows any more about this route, like what kinds of freight was transported over it, when it was abandoned, or even any historic photos of trains traveling this line, let me know.

Winton Hancock
Rockledge, FL


that railline ran until 1942

Kevin J Toohig
cobleskill, NY


Information found in D & H Track Charts. Thank you.

John bates
cob leskill, NY


Facts of the line:

1. Opened for operation June 15, 1870

2. Ceased operations August 17, 1956

3. 21.04 route miles from KF tower on the D&H main to Cherry Valley.

4. Passenger service discontinued January 28,1933

5. Over its course of operations the line hauled coal, milk, hops, hay, lumber, mail, passengers, cattle, machinery, furniture, feed, produce and oil.

6. Operated as the Cherry Valley, Sharon & Albany Railroad until July 17, 1908 when it became the CV Branch of the D&H.

Hopefully this fills in some answers. Please, feel free to ask anything about the line.

Brian R. Ward
Cherry Valley, NY


Was there a wreck on the CV Line around 1917 ??

L. Perry, CV Village Historian
Cherry Valley, NY


Thanks for the work. I grew up, from about 1951 to 1960, an a farm on Rte 2O, west of Sharon Springs ( & Leesville/Lynk Rd) where the track passed through the back fields (and my grandfather owned the stone farm shown on map). I remember seeing a some short freights pass through, so it still hauled a little in the early '50'At the local grain store/mill( I want to say an Agway, but in Sharon, my brother and I played in boxcars. Too bad, no pix.

Cheryl Gajowski


The rail line ran until the mid-60's bringing freight to the station in Cherry Valley that is now the firehouse. It served GLF Feed Store that became AGWAY and then the store was torn down, the creamery, Armstrong's Lumber Yard, Shipway's car and machinery garage and dealership, and mail also came in. That was still going on when I was in high school there. As a small kids, I remember passenger cars and in my dad's time, there were several departures a day to Cobkeskill.

John Webb
Cherry Valley, NY


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Do you have any pictures or information about The Cherry Valley Branch? Please . You will get credit for anything you contribute.