Gaffney to Blacksburg

The Cherokee Falls, Gaffney & Blacksburg Railroad

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Greg Harrison

Not much is known about the Cherokee Falls, Gaffney & Blacksburg Railroad. It appears on a soil survey map in 1905 running between Gaffney and Blacksburg, SC, and served the Cherokee Falls cotton mill east of the Broad River. The Southern Railway already had a line between these two towns, making this line duplicitous once the SR merged the CFG&B; the SR quickly abandoned the western part of the line, leaving the eastern part of the line open to serve the cotton mill.

While the line was abandoned when the cotton mill closed, part of it was reopened during the construction of the Cherokee Falls nuclear power plant, but it has since gone dormant once again.

Thanks to Jeffrey Kraemer for contributing information about this route.

Jeffrey Kraemer
Easley, SC


A couple of other fact that I learned while growing up in this area: As you can tell by the location of the bridge pilings over the Broad River, the CFG&B crossed Goat Island. There are newspaper accounts around 1900 indicating that the townspeople would ride the train to the trestle over the river and then walk down a stairway attached to the trestle to attend picnics (on the fourth of July, etc.). There was a textile mill on the East shore of the Broad River, "Cherokee Falls Maunfacturing" which was served by the railroad. Finally, the West end of the line connected with the mainline in Gaffney directly in front of the Gaffney Manufacturing Company (another Textile Mill). If you look at the satellite image just west of the current point of interest, you will see a large silver roofed building surrounded by a red dirt lot. This is the new City Administration Building which was built on the former Gaffney Maufactuuring site. So the western end of the CFG&B connected with the Southern main line directly in front of this building. Will send more information and pictures later. Thanks for a great site.

John Painter
Gaffney, SC


Great information. However, for reference, the new government is actually the County Government, not City. Minor correction but if someone is trying to use the reference they will think it is the City Hall on Limestone St.

I am interested in approaching the City of Gaffney and Cherokee County to join in a Rails to Trails initiative to provide safe walking, hiking, running, and biking for the area. We are desperately in need to recreation for the area that all can use, not just the chosen areas of the community. If you are interested in helping I can be reached at the listed email address.

David Wall
Gaffney, SC


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