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Greg Harrison

The Cheraw and Darlington Railroad completed their line between Florence and Cheraw in 1853, passing through the towns of Society Hill and Floyds. In 1898, the C&D merged into the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and this line became part of that railroad's purview.

The merger between the Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line in 1967 to form the Seaboard Coast Line provided more practical access to Society Hill via the former SAL S Line, rendering the section between Floyd and Cheraw an unnecessary line. Topographic maps show that this section crossed a number of creeks and small rivers, and much swampland, and was probably expensive to maintain and use. The section between Floyd and Society Hill was abandoned in the very early 1980s by Seaboard System or CSX; the rest of the line to Cheraw was abandoned February 8, 2012 by the South Carolina Central Railroad.

Thanks to Mitch Bailey and James Harris for contributing information about this route.

There is one over pass bridge on the society hill to darlington hwy about 5 miles out of society hill where the right of way use to run under. Also you can see the right of way pretty good on googlemaps. Look for lumber rd an the right of way passes under the road a few 100 yards north of it.

tate watkins
patrick, SC


The line terminates now at Nucor Steel at Floyds. This is five (5) miles north of Darlington on Hwy 52. The line once continued crossing black creek through Dovesville into Society Hill, SC.

Ken Hudson
Darlington, SC


"... passing through the towns of Society Hill (and a connection there with the Hartsville Railroad ..."

Did _I_ write that?!

As the map plainly indicates, the Hartsville RR connected (& still does) just south of Floyds!

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC

[Mitch, I've corrected the error.  —Greg Harrison]


I'm the Signal Maintainer for the South Carolina Central Railroad. The Cheraw Industrial Track isn't officially abandoned as of yet. Only have of the process has happened so far. We're still waiting on official confirmation. There are 2 crossings that have relatively newer signals still in place up in Cheraw that I'll be dismantling once we are given the go ahead. I'm in a way happy about the abandonment, as that track is in such poor shape. The line is pretty much useless without the part that was abandoned back when Seboard still owned it. If it wasn't for the disconnect, I'm sure we still would have at least some use for it.

Richard Owens
Columbia, SC


The track still looks in decent shape into the plant in Society Hill as of 1/5/2012 from what I could tell, but I had seen other parts of the track out of Cheraw that didn't look so good. Interestingly, there is a tank car in the weeds near the old depot that you probably will not be able to see this summer.

Joe Hinson
Columbia, SC


I lived in a house right across C.C.Chapman road from the ROW their would be trains a coup-le times a week from cheraw to Society Hill(Galey & lord Textile Mill) mostly coal loads and a couple tankers of Caustic soda. The Tank car sitting in Society Hill was damaged in a derailment in Cash just about a 1/4 mile from my house. I was a maint Teck at G&l then and they refused the car of Caustic. that was in 95 I believe.

George Proctor SR
Lumberton, NC


There is an old trestle on this line not quite halfway that is original and in excess of 100yrs old. The repair or replacement of this trestle would be very expensive and not feasible seeing how Galey and Lord doesn't receive goods by rail anymore. I think they will have to pull the damaged tanker car back to Cheraw before pulling up track. From what I've been hearing, neither CSX or SCRR want the financial responsibilty of removing the track or the cleanup, so it may be a while.



Well, looks like the abandonment process is pretty much complete. I had to take a contractor up and look at various parts of the line to survey the rail size/type this past Tuesday (9/30/2014). They are preparing to pull up the entire length of the track from Society Hill (possibly including all the Galey & Lord tracks as well) to Cheraw. I have already removed the signals from the two crossings on Cash Rd in Cheraw. They have been placed at other locations on the SCC mainline.

Richard Owens
Matthews, NC


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