Cheneyville to Opelousas

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Greg Harrison

This branch line turned off to the south/west right in the middle of Cheneyville and you can still see where the right of way went off through the trees on the other side of a field. A farm road follows the old right of way from the UP main line on to the tree line. After leaving Cheneyville, the line went down through Eola, La. where it served a Carbon Black Plant.

Michael Walker
Hineston, LA


Anyone know exactly when this portion of the Alexandria branch was abandoned? I know the line between Opelousas and Lafayette was taken up in the early 90s(I recall seeing at least two trains on it before abandonment).

Markeith Smith
Opelousas, LA


I remeember the tracks were still there in the late 1980's & early 90's. The old carbon black plant at Eola was still there, but it was closed. I don't remember see a train on the line since the 1970's or early 80's

Paul Lantier
Pine Praire, LA


I lived in Opelousas right by the tracks..and SP spent a ton of mobey updating the line with fresh Ballast, and changed every crosstie from Washington to Chenyville

...but to no avail the line was in worse shape after that...they had several derailments in Whiteville after that. Traffic declined greatly on the line after the UP/MP merger and when the Rock Island went Bankrupt, and also when the Carbon Black plant closed in the early 80's.....The local that used to run from Lafayette to Opelousas was discontinued after a large tressel collapsed just South of Opelousas...that is when the remainder of the tracks in Opelousas was sold to Acadiana Railway

Larry Baldridge
Church Point, La, LA


Were there any train tracks running through Marksville?

Center Point, LA


Never mind.I found that out myself.

Center Point, LA


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