Abandoned Rails of

Maybrook, New York

Maybrook, NY, once hosted one of the largest yard complexes east of the Mississippi. The yard was operated by the Central New England Railroad, a subsidiary of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. These pictures were taken circa 1975. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)
An engine house is seen on the right, with a long out-of-use coal tower on the left. In the background between them is the roundhouse. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)
The 95-foot turntable stands idle. Today, the entire area is now a trucking operation. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)
Another view of the former Maybrook yards. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)
The roundhouse and turntable. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)
Another view of the turntable facility. (1975, submitted by John Fasulo)

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All evidence of Maybrook yard is now gone but for a single track coming from Campbell Hall.

Tom koller
Denver, CO

Once the Poughkeepsie Bridge over the Hudson burned, it was over for the Maybrook. Now a FedEx facility.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY

One silver lining - the Poughkeepsie Bridge that burned is now a pedestrian bridge "Walkway Over the Hudson" https://walkway.org/

Rock Tavern, PA