Pozo Junction to Casaba

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The Casaba Branch

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Map submitted by Greg Rose.

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Greg Harrison

This short branch was originally built for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, which owned cotton fields south of Chandler, AZ. As can be expected, a town sprang up at the end of the branch line, naturally named Goodyear, AZ. The branch line connected with the Southern Pacific at Pozo Junction.

Goodyear Rubber sold their cotton farms in the 1920s and setup a new cotton farming operation in the West Valley; today, this is the present town of Goodyear. The original town of Goodyear, which had a Post Office, was now renamed to Casaba, AZ, which remained at the end of the now Casaba Branch until it was abandoned in 1930s.

The entire branch itself is now abandoned. The filing includes most of the line except for the first 1/2 mile or so near Pozo Junction; the remainder was pulled up in the 1960s. The town of Goodyear/Casaba is considered a ghost town today.

Thanks to Greg Rose for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 10079 Date: 7/17/1933 Section: 1
App. of Arizona Eastern RR. Co. and Southern Pacific Co., its lessee, for certificate to abandon (1) that part of the Mesa Branch at Tempe, a distance of 0.623 mile, (2) that part of the Mesa Branch between Creamery and Mesa, a distance of 4.517 miles, and (3) that part of the Casaba Branch between a point one-half mile from Pozo Junction and Casaba, a distance of 4.357 miles; all in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Length: 8.874 miles Citation: 193 ICC 769  
Also under this filing: The Mesa Branch   

More data: The branch was NOT built for Goodyear, it was actually pre-existing by a few years, and the settlement at the end of the branch line was called "Egypt". When Goodyear bought in, the settlement was then renamed to Goodyear.

I also misspoke about the Post Office... the NEW Goodyear had a Post Office - and more importantly - a railroad station, which forced the SP to change the name to Casaba.

Confused yet?

Greg Rose
Tempe, AZ


What appears above in regard to the town's new name is not correct. While the SP redesignated the end-of-track as Casaba, that was NOT the new name of the town itself, which became Ocotillo. David Myrick's Railroads of Arizona, Volume II, states that the name progression is Egypt to Goodyear to Ocotillo. The original name was chosen because of the growing of long-staple Egyptian cotton in the irrigated fields south of Chandler, made possible by the massive canal and dam system promoted by Dr. Alexander J. Chandler, the eponym of the town, later city, of Chandler. If one cannot find Myrick's Volume II, he may consult these websites:



As well, there currently survives the Goodyear-Ocotillo Cemetery on land originally set aside for that purpose by the Goodyear Rubber Company. See


Nelson Lawry
Rollinsford, NH


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