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The Virginia and Truckee Railway

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Greg Harrison

The Virginia and Truckee Railway was built with the intent to haul mined silver ore from Virginia City to the processing mills along the Carson River in Carson City. Previously, silver was moved via horse and wagon, which proved difficult over the rough terrain. Interestingly enough, the railroad had no connection to the outside world and thus the infrastructure (ties, rails, etc.) had to be brought manually.

Eventually, the line was extended from Carson City northwards to Reno and a connection with the Central Pacific Railroad.

Service along the line declined over the years in tandem with the silver mines in the area. Part of the line was abandoned in 1938, while the remainder of the line followed in 1950.

Today, the end portion of the Virginia City branch line has been reconstructed as a tourist railroad by the Virginia and Truckee Historical Society. It runs between Virginia City and Gold Hill.

I ride the V&T every summer. You might want to do more research, as the tourist line has been re-constructed to Mound House. Also, the Virginia City branch was NOT a branch until 1936.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA


The trains now run from Virginia City to a temporary depot in Eastgate, 6 miles east of Carson City. Here is their website:

John Acosta
Redlands, CA


You can trace the V&T pretty well in the Washoe Lake area. Just north of Alt 395A (Reno-Carson Highway)there are remnants of two bridges that crossed Steamboat Creek. From there she runs southwest towards Bower Mansion Rd. The new I580 cuts into it before it makes it to Bower Mansion. It runs literally right next to (east side) of the road for the most part. There are two very small bridges in that area. After a distance it crosses Bower Mansion and runs along its west side and picks up on the map above.

North of Steamboat Creek is all gone. The route followed the Carson-Reno Highway and then South Virginia St. It ran along the east side it. If it was still there today it would run right in front of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and the Atlantis Casino Spa. A little further on it headed in a more northerly direction and stayed just to the east of Holcomb Ave. From there it crossed the Truckee River at a 45 degree angle (southeast to northwest) just south of where East 2nd St crosses today and then connected to the UP. There was a small yard just south of the UP's mainline. It is now the sight of the Reno Aces baseball stadium.

I will be in the area this summer and will try and get some pictures of the few remnants that are left

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


Came back from Reno about three weeks ago. Have some great pictures. (Greg, whenever you are ready to start up again). Their is not much left of the bridges over Steamboat Creek. Apparently the fires of 2011 destroyed what was left of the wooden spans. Some were lying next to the ROW near the abutments. The abutments themselves are in good shape.

One surprise though. I did discover the south abutment to the bridge that crossed the Truckee River. Sitting right next to the river walk just east of the car museum.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


The Carson City depot still stands at its original location at the southeast corner of Washington and Carson streets (The tracks ran down Washington.). The building is currently used as a coin shop and Masonic lodge.

Tom Anderson
Monrovia, CA


put some pics here someone please

tulare, CA


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