Carrington to Turtle Lake

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway spur ran from a connection with the Northern Pacific mainline at Carrington westward to Turtle Creek. It was built by the Northern Pacific in segments, and served a number of grain silos along its length.

It was sold to the Red River Valley and Western Railroad in 1987, who then abandoned it in two sections, first in 1999, then in 2004.

A rough timeline of the route:

        Turtle Lake    Denhoff      Bowden      Sykeston      Carrington
1883                                                |---- built ----|
1899                                   |--- built --|
1902                      |--- built --|
1905         |--- built --|
1987         |---------- sold to Red River Valley & Western --------|
1999         |-------- abandoned ------|
2004                                   |------- abandoned ----------|

Thanks to Robert Barnes for contributing information about this route.

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