Cape May to Sewells Point

The Cape May and Sewell's Point Railroad

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Greg Harrison

You tube has a movie about this rail road. PRSL 1947 to 1958

george scott
ventnor nj, NJ


My Father in law was a engineer on the Atlantic city Rail Road. He is still alive. His father and his Grand father were Engineers on the A C Rail roads. His Great grand father was one on the Engineer on the BLUE COMIT ENGINE. He told me that any Engineer at that time Could be assigned to the engine if needed.

George Scott
Atlantic City, NJ


My Father in law engine was number 5414. That was the engine he was usually assigned to. It was a K 4 READING ENGINE 4-6-2. His father ran a E 6 engine. All engineers were required to operate any engine. Before he became an engineer one of his jobs was to inspect engines. At had to go to TUCKAHOWE NJ to do that. CAPE MAY had E 6 engines go into the city and Wild wood had K-4 go into there. Ocean CITY had E-6 engines go into there.

George Scott


I recently came across this fascinating article via TheHistoryGirl:

Kevin Brownlie
Princeton, NJ


Darned spammers at it again. In any case, The Reading never had any K4's, only Pennsy did. The 4-6-2's the Reading had were G-1's, G-2s, or G-3's (with various suffixes depending the date and what overhauls or improvements were made from its "as built" condition).

Jason M.
Boyertown, PA


how many trains traveled cape may ??

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