Campbell Hall to Hopewell Junction, NY

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The line from Maybrook to Hopewell Jct was abandoned after the 1974 fire on the Poughkeepsie RR Bridge, a fire that I photographed close up and exstensively. Photos available if you wish

John Fasulo
Beacon, NY, NY

sending you some

h frick
ft worth, TX

they are working on the railtrail and the depot in Hopewell as we speak. Beautiful. Pretty sure there is a web site for that. look under East Fishkill. oh yea and the walk way over the Hudson. GREAT!!!!!

Janine Conti
Hopewell Jct, NY

This site has many links to rail lines in Dutchess county Lots of great pics, Roundhouse in Poughkeepsie, rails thru Pine Plains etc.

John Karl
Hyde Park, NY

Writing to John Fasulo. NICE photos of Maybrook. If you have photos of Poughkeepsie Bridge Fire to share, I'd love to check them out. More than that, since I believe you are from that area, what is your take on the fire? Suspicious or otherwise?

John Chester
Trenton, NJ

To John Fasulo, John, my Email is Forgot to include in prior post.

Thank you.


John Chester
Trenton, NJ

a great bridge to rail trail over the Hudson but like all abandoned row's it's jobs that are gone when they pull up the rails like much of Indiana has seen in the last 35 or so years keep your rails as long as you can because when they are gone they are not coming back

crown point, IN

I was an electrican in Harmon shops the day the fire broke out.Many of our mechanics who lived in the Poughkeepsie area took the train to work for the day shift. Needless to say, with an early-morning fire, they didn't make it to work that day. Some excuse, huh?

Tony Merante
Cold Spring, NY