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The Camp San Luis Obispo Branch

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This picture faces west, where the line ran parallel to California Highway 1 (seen in the left side of photo). Photo by Mike Palmer, March 2010.

This short branch was constructed in 1942, right after the US entered World War II. It connected to Southern Pacific's Coast Line at Goldtree, a few miles north of San Luis Obispo. The line headed west about four miles to Camp San Luis, where California's National Guard is stationed. This branch likely did not see much use after the war, and by the mid 1970s appeared to be out of service.

The tracks remained intact for several decades; however, they were finally removed in the mid 2000s by some local prison labor. (The branch passed by a California state prison.) Many of the rails and other track hardware were donated to the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. Museum volunteers used the rails to rebuild an isolated display track next to the museum building (formerly the former SP freight station at San Luis Obispo).

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I was at camp SLO 1954-55 with JR ROTC. Line ran on south side of ventura then at rear of warehouses fronting Contra Costa and Yolo and another spur between warehouses fronting Yolo and Nevada. Rails did not cross Amador.

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The listed slorrm link should be a dot-com, not dot-org.

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San Luis Obispo, CA, 1:62,500 quad, 1952, USGS shows entire route. You can download kmz to open in Google Earth at

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