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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Camino, Placerville & Lake Tahoe Railroad)

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The remnants of the wye that connected the Placerville Branch to the Folsom Branch. Photo by Mike Palmer, March 2005.

This line connected to the Nimbus to Folsom with a wye at Folsom Junction in Natoma, a few miles west of Folsom. The line had a windy route through the foothills to the town of Placerville. The eastern end of the branch connected with the shortline Camino Placerville & Lake Tahoe, which extended east from Placerville to Camino.

The line was used to haul forest products, and was in service until approximately the 1980s. Much of the western line is still intact, though it is no longer connected to the national rail network. Part of the line is used by private owners foir operating their "speeders" (retired railroad inspection vehicles).

While not technically and officially "abandoned", the current route is under the ownership of the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad, who is in the process of restoring the line on which to run excursions using equipment from the California State Railroad Museum. More information can be found at the link below.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

It looks like this line is extremely well preserved, making for some absolutely excellent pictures; probably some of my favorite on this site. I'm glad to hear the tracks are being restored for at least some limited use.

Kevin M. Smith
Cicero, NY


I never heard of the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad until a few days ago. I'm pumped! This railroad could attract people from miles around! The railroad looks good on the website! The CSRM will have to sell some rolling stock to the railroad.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA


The Placerville and Sacramento Valley RR does not own the line. It is help under a Joint Powers Authority, called the Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor ( Two railroads currently use the line. The P&SVRR ( operates from Folsom east towards Latrobe (MP 126). The El Dorado Western Railroad operates between Shingle Springs (MP 137) and Diamond Springs (MP 145) within the El Dorado County Historical Railroad Park.

The EDWR timetable calls for 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays from El Dorado Station (west of MP 143). The RR runs from Shingle Springs Freight Shed (MP 137) on the 2nd & 4th Sundays each month. Suggested donation is $5 for adults (age 8 and up); $3 for ages 3 to 7; and 2 and under ride free. The EDWR is a program of the El Dorado County Historical Museum.

Steven Karoly
Diamond Springs, CA


They run a little train there for the kids around Christmas. Santa and all. Really great trip from Folsom to shingle springs for the Family.

Shingle springs, CA


I heard the guy that started building the line intended to get to Lake Tahoe, WOW - getting people to Tahoe still could happen at least if we get the line all the way in both directions.

good to hear it is preserved!

San leandro, CA


Tahoe?! Finally! Trains in Tahoe!

Andy Sammonds
San Jose, CA


A lot of work has been done on this in recent times. On August 3 2013 they made their debut of their new diesel tain pulling one newly optomized exscurion car. Unfortunately, they can only run it 3/4 of a mile to the nearest crossing because the track beyond can only handle speeders as of right now and they haven't poured concrete for crossing gates yet. But I'm happy to see that this is starting to take off as an excursion route.

Dylan Post
Folsom, CA


Apparently the Sac/Placerville Trans Corridor JPA is proposing reopening abandoned train tracks in El Dorado County. They held a meeting 7/10/14 and stacked the attendees with persons in favor of the project. While they contend they mailed out notices to local property owners, very few property owners adjacent to the tracks received the notice. I didn't. I found out through the grapevine. They are avoiding answering questions about reduction in property values. They did not mention to the bikers and hikers at the meeting that the track area could be developed for their usage without the current proposal. A lot of development has occurred in the maybe 50 years since the tracks were abandoned - if they want to reopen them, let them by the impacted properties or compensate every impacted property owner for the full loss of value. Don't railroad the property owners whose property values will plummet.

jan gill
El Dorado Hills, CA


In Folsom, there was a railroad that went from there to Lincoln. It was called the California Central Railroad. It was abandoned in 1867 or 1869. One of the two. There was one that sprouted off the route as well, crossing the reservoir.

Alexi Lauto
Las Vegas, NV


This class of railway lends itself to rebuilding, not to full

DOT standards, but keeping the 'speeder' class of lightweight

equipment. Work mancars, mining equipment, a range of coll-

ectible equipment modded for general use. Property owners

spared the growl of regular diesels, the future belongs to

alt power. Provide a service and give residents passes, better

track systems compat with bikeways. Share route.

The Architect of Desire


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