Grants Pass to Wonder

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  • States: Oregon   
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The California and Oregon Coast Railway

Point of Interest

Within the last year ODOT cleared some of the right of way, but a few places still are there including a section that crossed a small creek, you can still see the pilings.

Bradley Flint


Concrete bridge abutments are still extant at the Rogue River crossing just down stream and within site of the the highway 199 bridge in Grants Pass. The Y at the UPRR is evident on acme mapper 2.1 lining up with the bridge site.

Kenn Lantz
Clackamas, OR


I bought property on Wilderville Ln last year, I was told the pond on my property was put in by the railroad and it's on my deed, have find lots of railroad things on my property, would love more info on the railroad.

wilderville, OR


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