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(Forwarded from the Cairo Fulton Railroad)

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Right-of-way heading west toward the ex-Cargil silos; in the distance is the former crossing with the still-active line. Photo by Robert Barnes, September 2013.

This line started out as the Cairo Fulton Railroad. The line was partially destroyed during the Civil War between Sikeston and Charleston in order to prevent supplies from reaching the area, but was quickly rebuilt.

When the CFRR defaulted, ownership was transferred to the Saint Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad (the "Iron Mountain Railroad"). Soon after, the line was acquired by Missouri Pacific, who was then merged into the Union Pacific Railroad in 1982.

The part of the line that runs through Sikeston and Miner alongside Malone Ave. has been abandoned and the tracks lifted in the recent past (Can't tell you when). The Right of Way is still very very visible and my grandpa used to work at the Orgil grain silos that were once served by it. It used to be the site of the only railway diamond in the area. Further Southwest at the Sikeston; the active part of the line still exists and continues to Dexter.

Known remnants of the line:

The still-visible Right of Way

Numerous Railway bridge/Trestles

Orgill Grain Silos that it once served: 36°52'32.46"N; 89°35'42.39"W

Railway Depot(That is now a Museum):36°52'38.05"N; 89°35'21.50"W

Former Switches

Abandoned/Destroyed Spur(Or possibly another Abandoned Railroad) in Morehouse,MO

Robert Barnes
Sikeston, MO


You seem to have forgotten about the part of the line that went Southwest through Morehouse and Graybridge and went towards Essex before the end of the abandonment.

Robert Barnes
Cape Girardeau , MO


The line from Steward Steele, just East of Miner, through Charleston and Birds Point was taken out a long time ago. You can still kinda see the roadbed some where the power lines and the treeline is just north of the highway from Bertrand to Miner.

The tracks from Steward Steel back to just West of the power plant were removed in 2011 and they have now removed the portion from the power plant back to Essex, MO in 2012. The project is ongoing as there are many tie's stacked up that whole distance.

The railroad and the city of Sikeston are working on a trail-use agreement to allow a walking trail on on the roadbed from Sikeston through Miner. To me that would suggest they may see potential for that portion of the line in the future. However, they have even torn out the tressels in Morehouse so that portion of line appears to be done.

The city of Sikeston put a stop to reviving the line from Sikeston to Dexter back in 2005 when UP and BNSF tried to swap track and pass trains from Rockview through Sikeston and Morehouse and back over to Dexter to prevent double-tracking the Rockview to Dexter line. That route has since been double-tracked.

Clay Guthrie
East Prairie, MO


I think Coal trains ran a little bit after the abandonment,

Then again I'm 10 and don't live anywhere near Sikston.

Zachary Yarbro
Oxly, MO


Yeah BNSF coal trains still supply the power plant using a wye that branches off the former SLFS main line.

Robert Barnes
Cape Girardeau, MO


There is a large grain drying facility that has been built near Grayridge so the western end of this line, from Dexter to Gray Ridge, is now in use for that facility. The tracks stop just east of Grayridge (maybe 5 miles west of Morehouse) but the rest of the line is long gone at this point.

There is a good bit of coal traffic that runs on the BNSF north and south through Sikeston. Also some oil trains that head south to Hayti to the transloading facility and some mixed freight. That line sees maybe 10-12 trains a day if i'm not mistaken.

Clay Guthrie
East Prairie, MO


Near as I can tell from Google Earth, the gradient continues a fair distance west of the marked end on this abandonment page. Possibly as far west as Poplar Bluff, MO

Sawyer Regensberg
Kansas City, MO


The current end of track is here:,-89.7332028,3a,53.2y,0.9h,83.31t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIQleubJlq-Ltg_RVMoArPw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

The railroad is still in place to serve a grain elevator here:,+MO+63846/@36.8300019,-89.7549573,1703a,20y,352.49h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x88786f11b1983a97:0x23d0f8f0109b9703!8m2!3d36.8125531!4d-89.8614765

...Which was built in 2013 and 2014.

This line is now known as the Union Pacific Sikeston Subdivision, and is a TWC line east of Dexter where it splits off of the former Cotton Belt at the former location of the diamond at Dexter Jct.

Zach Pumphery
Kansas City, MO


Sawyer, the abandoned (and now removed) portion is the brown line, but the line was revived from that point westward towards Dexter for the new elevator/dryer that Zach mentions. From Dexter westward towards Poplar Bluff (and on to Hoxie AR) is the UP Hoxie Sub which is still in service but now connects into the UP Chester Sub (like Zach also said) and runs north.

Clay Guthrie
East Prairie, MO


Recently a friend and I have been searching the area at Birds Point for the abandoned Cotton Belt ROW from Wyatt to

Birds Point. Our first VERY OBVIOUS notice was the Missouri Pacific ROW starting at Alfalfa Center on out towards the river. There are very prominent concrete structures/trestles to this day visible. On the map at this website, this area would be the brown line from the river to the 1st crook in the straight line westward.

Mike Woodside
Paragould, AR


At Morehouse it crossed the St Louis and San Fran also.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


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