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Greg Harrison

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This is the location of the grade crossing at Calhoun Rd. in Greenwood. The ROW continues north towards the town of Hodges. Photo by Byron Knight, May 2009.

Back in the 1980's when living in Walhalla, SC. I decided one day to drive down to Greenwood, SC., and look for and maybe follow the P&N ROW. It was a Sunday as I recall and I pulled into Hodges, SC. Not realizing that when passing the population sign for Hodges, SC. that it read, "One Man and One Labrador Dog". I pulled in and saw only one person and asked him, if he knew the location of the P&N Station. From the spot that he and I stood, the Depot was, right across the street and a Farmer was storing Hey, in the Depot.

I walked across the highway to look at the Depot, and a few minutes later, here comes the Lab. That was the only living items I saw that day, in Hodges, SC. One real nice Man and a Labrador dog. By the time I reached Greenwood, SC., it was becoming to dark to see anything and I had to be at work the next morning. So, I headed back to Walhalla, SC. My Mother, when growing up in Seneca, SC., went to Greenwood, SC. She took a sewing class there some place. How she got there, I have no clue. Keep thinking, maybe somehow she went to Anderson, SC., took the P&N to Greenwood?

When going into Greenville, SC., I would often go to the Greenville, County Library. One of the Library employees told me that, when she grew-up near the P&N RR tracks, and a P&N train went by, the Conductor would toss candy to them. She called the P&N, the "Poor and Needy".

Richard K. Young
Fallbrook, CA


From my Grandmother's house there in Seneca, S.C. you could see the "Southern Railway" main line witch ran between Greenville. S.C. and Atlanta, G.A. At least one of my Uncle's, would hop a "Southern Railway" freight and ride it down to Atlanta, G.A. and back. That was before or near WW-II. I'm not sure what side of the "Southern Railway" tracks my Mother was born on, but it wasn't too far down the road (Old HWY 123) from where my Grandmother settled and, one of my Uncle's still lives next door. My Mother was born at "Courtney, S.C.".

One day, my cousin, who grew-up next to our Grandmother's House, we decided to walk down to "Newry, S.C.". I believe you have Newry, listed on your webb site. On our walk, we followed the remains of the old line that ran down to the abandoned Textile Mill. I think this is the same Mill, that my Grandfather got "Black Lung" from the Cotton Dust. I thought this branch line down to Newry, was kind of neat. Sharp Curves and it looked like it ran, as I recall, through the front yards of the homes of people who live there. There might be some actual track age left, yet, here again, its been along time since I've been back. My Aunt, who grew-up in Newry, S.C., said that the railroad ran a "Steam Dummy". I have not seen any photographs of a "Steam Dummy", its just hear say.

Before the Duke Power Plant was built, just down the road from my Grandmother's House, and the Dams where created, to make Lake Keowee, my cousin was telling me, Newry, had its own Baseball League. Probably like a Textile Baseball League.

when I would drive down to Atlanta, G.A., leaving my Parents House, a lot of times at night, to be at work the next day. I would take Old Highway 123. On the "Norfolk Southern", sometimes you could pace a train going south at night. Well, there I am, pacing a train. Lost them due to the trees and also, could not hear them, due to the railroad crew, running on, welded rail. One night, pitch black! Thoughts guys blew their horn at a grade crossing, and I must have ejected myself from the drivers seat of the truck to create a dent above me.

Richard K. Young
Fallbrook, CA



When I was young, we lived on Hwy 178 North of Hodges. The P&N had already merged into the Seaboard Coast Line but the engineer would throw candy to us as we waved at the train passing through the backyard.

Byron Knight
Newberry, SC


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