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The Rockland Branch

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Greg Harrison

Note: This previously abandoned line has since been revived and now sees regular active use.

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This shows the abandoned line running through Newcastle. The depot is on the right, with a derelict passenger car further down the tracks. While this right-of-way is not abandoned anymore and used by an excursion train, the depot remains abandoned. Photo by Andrew Laverdiere, 1994.

This abandoned railway extended from Brunswick to Rockland at a length of 56 miles, while traveling through Bath (MP 8.7), Woolrich (MP 9.5), Wiscasset (MP 20), Newcastle (MP 27.1), Nobleboro (MP 31.7), Waldoboro (MP 38.5), Warren (MP 45.3) and Thomaston (MP 52.4). Passenger service along it was discontinued in 1958.

After abandoned by the Maine Central, the line was acquired by the Maine Coast Railroad, then "Safe Handling", and finally the Morristown & Erie Railway, operating as the Maine Eastern Railroad. Today, the Maine Eastern uses it for excursion train service.

Thanks to Andrew Laverdiere for contributing information about this route.

Maine Eastern also does freight service on this line as well.

Dragon Cement, Bath Iron Works mostly.

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Brunswick, ME


This line is very much alive under the Maine Eastern flag with freight and passenger service between Brunswick and Rockland on regular scheduled basis. See thier website. Also underconsideration, if not operation, is line from Brunswick to Augusta.

henry Sommers
Vestal, NY


Be careful, Maine Eastern RR is hauling cement cars from Thomaston / Rockland to Brunswick weekly . In addition to the tourist trains the entire length from Rockland to Brunswick's new AMTRAK station @ downtown Brunswick. In addition to AMTRAK building a multi-million dollare service station at Brunswick. ALWAYS EXPECT A TRAIN !

Dennis Youland
Woolwich, ME


The State of Maine acquired the property. The entities listed in this article as "acquiring" are merely operating entities and own not of the physical assets, only the rolling stock.

steven s hall
N. Woodstock, NH, NH


On or about Jan 1 2016 the Central Maine & Quebec RR took over operation of the Rockland branch from the Morristown & Erie. /DL

David Larrabee
Columbia, MD


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