Bridgeton to Bay Side

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned railway line was built by the Central Railroad of New Jersey (as the New Jersey Southern Railroad) in attempt to find a faster/shorter route to Richmond, Virginia, by going across Delaware Bay rather than around it. It was built in the late 1800s, and accessed a ferry operation at Bay Side that carried freight/passengers across Delaware Bay to Woodland Beach, Delaware.

The line saw service up until the 1930s, serving the fishing industry at Bay Side.

i would like to purchase this railway

Johnny Santiago
Trenton,NJ, NJ


I remember the track running in the 1960's

I lived on cornell avenue and was not allowed to go to the tracks as a kid. around 1974 they tore up in the tracks in Bridgeton and put a dirt road that had gates on each side

bridgeton, NJ


there is a proposed bike trail that would use a lot of this old rail for the path. from ye greate street to trench road would include the old rail line and as it get closer to bridgeton it would also use the abandoned lines

aldo desalvo
bridgeton, NJ


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