Abandoned Rails of Bridgeton


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The abandoned tracks in Bridgeton. Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2004.

This short branch connected the port area of Bridgeton, NJ, with the downtown area. The track was virtually intact but apparently had not been used for at least 20 years. It appeared to be a spur of the Central RR of New Jersey (CNJ), but there were no crossing relay boxes or any other signs that listed ownership.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

i was wondering if the line can be restore and used to do work on so i can use this line?

Dayshaun Dennis
willingboro , NJ


This abandoned railspur photos was actually for the Hunt Wesson plant which made Ketchup. The plant is long gone so the spur was no longer needed by the new owner Winchester & Western. The tracks have since been removed from the roadway, but the rest still remains. The ties are all rotted and could not support a train at all. There was also a 7 Up plant along those tracks which is now a warehouse.

Bridgeton, NJ


The crossing for pic 2 is paved over.

Cupertino, CA


According to a book I have, West Jersey rails, the Cumberland County tourism building at Pearl and Broad st was previously a railroad station for Bridgeton

Millville, NJ


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