Boscawen to Lebanon

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The Northern Railroad was built from Concord north-northwest through Boscawen to Franklin, then west and north to Danbury, northwest to Canaan, and west to West Lebanon, NH, across the Connecticut River from White River Junction, VT. In 1887 this line became the Boston and Maine's Northern Division. Although the 59+ miles between Boscawen and Lebanon were abandoned in 1992, the line hadn't seen regular service since the mid-1970s (and for the last time in 1982 because of storm damage to the south).

Thanks to Nelson Lawry for contributing information about this route.

One correction, service was disrupted due to a derailment on the bridge that spans the west river in Brattleboro Vt. Traffic started to build up I. WRJCT and the rr decided to detour traffic around Corcord Nh to the south for a few days.

Brian Cummings
Turners Falls, MA


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