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Greg Harrison

This is the famous Jack Line that had one of the last "Doodlebug" runs untgil April 14, 1960. The double- car, motor car with trailing coach, train went daily from Bloomington, Il to Kansas City, MO and return. Trains from each direction met in Louisiana, Missouri. It was possible to make a round trip from Bloomington to Louisiana and return in a day. That was one of the longest doodlebug runs in the country and one of the latest.

The line went under the Illinois Terminal at Mindale Hump. Thatg was a very steep grade separation on the line and was a bugaboo for freights until that line was abandoned.

There was a gate crossing over the Pennsylvania at Minier and interlocking at Delavan. There was a bridge over the P&N line at san Jose, and a bridge over the C&NW line enar Natrona. There was a bridge under the C&IM at Petersburg, and an interlocking with semaphore signals over the B&O at Ashland.

The line is intact and used from Jacksonvile to the Air Line District. That and the Roodehouse to Godfrey line are all operated by the Kansas City Southern.

Part of this line was operated in the 1980's by Chicago Missouri and Western, which went bankrupt.

George R Carlisle
Urbana, IL


the line is also still use as a side track from where it branches off the current main line (the former GM&O track) to the customer that UP now owns it and serves (cargill)

emanuel collier
springfield, IL


A small correction: the line went over, not under, the CIM at Petersburg

oakford, IL


Jack Line, from Ashland (B&O) to Mason City (ICG Havana Sub) abandoned 4-14-78...AB-43-31(x)...see 360ICC161 and 360ICC165, stub end of Jack Line at Bloomington remains

Charlie Tucker


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