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Greg Harrison

This view faces east in Berkeley, where this Pennsylvania RR/Penn Central line crossed over US Route 11 on a bridge. The former junction with the PRR branch between Hagerstown, MD and Winchester, VA is about a mile east of this location. Photo by Mike Palmer, February 2004.

This abandoned railway was less than five miles long, and was likely used for interchange traffic between the Pennsylvania RR and the Western Maryland. It might have also served the GM plant in the area.

This line was well engineered, and the right of way is easily located. However, CSX has placed "No Trespassing" signs along the route. A dirt road that parallels the former line is used as a maintenance access road. A girder bridge is still in place across I-81.

This line was probably abandoned in the early 1980s, after the CSX merger and Conrail sold the former PRR Winchester branch to the Winchester & Western, and there was no longer a need for interchange.

This was not a connection for the WM. It was a line built by the Cumberland Valley later taken over by the Pennsy to haul coal and interchange traffic from Cumbo yard from the B&O. Heavy coal drags used to run over this line to Hagerstown and north. Pennsy based a SW that worked the local stuff around Martinsburg. Part of this line is still used from the Cumbo end to service the paper plant near GM. The old viaduct was taken out to widen old route 11 which it passed over.

Martinsburg, WV


This line never was used to reach the GM-Parts plant on the west side of I-81 in Martinsburg. When the GM plant was built (in the late 1960s?), we built a short spur and yard directly from the present mainlne to serve GM. The West Cumbo line was rebuilt (in the early 1990's?) to serve the new printing plant north of the GM plant; thus most of the line is not now abandoned.

Carl Stephanus
Berryville, VA


There is a little bit of interest in the history of this line. In the early 1900's Pennsy controlled the B&O and George Could controled the Western Maryland. Pennsy built this interchange to take the traffic off the Western Maryland (and away from Gould) and to run it over it own lines. Traffic peaked in the early twenties.

Eventually Gould lost control of the Western Maryland and Pennsy the B&O. B&O then began sending more traffic to the WM over the next five decades the amount of traffic began to decline and eventually the line was closed.

Greg Hager
Raleigh, NC


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