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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 10511 Date: 6/8/1934 Section: 1
App. of Wabash Ry. Co. and N.B. Pitcairn and F.C. Nicodemus, Jr., receivers, for certificate to abandon a line extending from Shumway to Altamont, Effingham County, Illnois, a distance of 9.48 miles.
Length: 9.48 miles Citation:  

The North end of the line, at Bement, was partially reconstructed by Topflight Grain - owner of the grain elevator in Bement - to allow storage and loading of 50 car unit trains. The crossing at Lovington was with the Pennsylvania Railroad's Paris-Decatur-Maroa-Peoria line, not with the New York Central.

Thomas Scott Jr.
Monticello, IL


The Altamont portion was abandoned in the 1930's. The Bement to Sullivan Portion was abandoned in the 1970's. The crossing of the Pennsylvania at Lovington was just a set of stop signs. There were switches to the Illinois Central and Chicago and eastern Illinois in Sullivan.

There was no interlocking in Bement. There were two curves, the Chicago line curving to west to join the main line. Another curve went from the main line east to south to the Sullivan-Altamont line.

That line saw little traffic and had only crossbuck protection at the crossings of Illinois 105 south of Bement, US 36 near Hammond and Illinois 133 in Lovington. The crossing of B&O in Hammond was by a gate with traget semaphore, the gate normally set against the Wabash

George Carlisle
former Urbana, IL


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