Belding to Haynor

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Greg Harrison

Right near the very north end of this line there is a really nice cut red stone bridge that is still remarkably VERY intact over a feeder creek that runs into the Flat River. It is at a location called Kidd which was the south end of the passing siding north of Belding. Get out your DeLorme ATlas to find it. Its a short 1/3 mile walk from a nice parking spot maintained by the Michigan DNR. Worth the hike.

Daniel Gless
Rockford, MI


Where are the railroad tracks leading to and from Ionia, MI

Sylvester Zander
Lyons, MI


M 21 to Wall St. turn right. On the right within 50 feet you can see the rail bed. Haynor Rd. north you can see where the rail split north to Stanton and north west to Kidd.

Murray Stone
Saranac, MI


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