The Beetox Branch

Ventura County, California

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 6499 1927 Section: 1
For a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the abandonment of the so-called Beetox Branch or Spur in Ventura County, Calif.
  Citation: 131 ICC 439
Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 7634 5/28/1929 Section: 1
App. of Southern Pacific RR. Co. and Southern Pacific Co. for certificate to abandon the remaining portion of the so-called Beetox Branch or Spur in Ventura County, Californiaa, length of 3,110 feet.
Length: 0.589 miles Citation: 154 ICC 677

—  User Comments  —

I live in Ventura county where exactly is the beetox branch?

Newbury park, CA

Looking at Google maps, it looks like it probably went to Limoneria company along Cummings road. You can see a faint dirt trail curve near the plant.

Oxnard, CA

I believe it sprouted from the tracks near a bridge before the Santa Paula Depot, and went along Grant Line St. and then paralleled Cliff Dr. But, then again, I am not sure because it ends at the river. Also, you can see a line in between the trees between those areas.

Alexi Lauto
Valencia, CA

Also, I think you are right on the thought of the branch being the one with the dirt, because I have been there, and saw some rails, paralleling each other and mostly buried in the road, and there were no pavement marks. Only a small crack.

Alexi Lauto
Valencia, CA