Beardsley to Browns Valley

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Greg Harrison

Northern Pacific's second Continental Divide. Brown's Valley straddles the divide between the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Red River to Hudson's Bay. (The first was west of Duluth, where the original main line in 1870-71 crossed the divide between the Lake Superior watershed and the Mississippi River's.)

Andrew Selden
Minneapolis, MN


A 1918 Topographic Map show the line curving north of Browns Valley to the south east shore of Lake Traverse.



Agree with the previous poster about the line running to Lake Traverse.

Historic Mapworks records the line extended to the south eastern shore of Lake Traverse in Traverse county maps dated 1925 and 1930. (Where Hwy 27 is now)

Anyone have any idea what was there along the shore that the railroad used at the time? (If anything)

I was always curious to know if this line officially ended in Browns Valley back in the day or kept going west. Multiple sources seem to suggest this was indeed the end of the line for this route, but if anyone has any new info I'd be interested to hear about it.

Bemidji, MN


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