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The front facia of the Southern Pacific roundhouse at the Bayshore Yard. Photo by Andrew Laverdiere, August 2008.

This large Southern Pacific yard was built in the early 1900s along the bay to replace the SP's smaller inland yard. The yard soon served as the heavy locomotive shops for the SP and some of its subsidiaries, and thus was one of the last locations for SP steam in the country. The shops closed in the mid 1950s, in the era of dieselization, but the yard continued on as one of the larger classification yards in San Francisco. Incidentally, the yard also served as the maintenance home for SP's fleet of Fairbanks-Morse H24-66 TrainMasters. The yard slowly diminished in time, and by the 1980s, had completely vanished.

Today, only two storage tracks exist that mark the location of this once-great yard. Part of the roundhouse is still standing, along with a few various other structures.

Positive news in 2010 for the survival of the building and it's potential appropriate reuse: The Bayshore Roundhouse (c.1911) has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property owner has recognized it's importance to the community. There suggestions that the area be used as a 'cultural envelope'. is the non profit that produced the registry listing and is a source for current info

Cris Hart
Brisbane, CA


The adjacent SP line is alive & well as Caltrain's mainline.

Andy Sammonds
San Jose


i have worked for amtrak now for over 15 years in west oakland. a former ( retired)maintance man i knew, was foreman of the roundhouse for years befour comming over to amtrak. he told us the many good times at bayshore not sure if he is still living but it brought bayshore back to life. i got to see some of the former back in 1981. i wish now i snapped some pictures

michael hand
hayward,, CA


My Grandfather and two of his brothers worked in the yard going back to 1915...Sadly, my Grandfather was beaten to death during the Great Rail Strike in 1922...

A photo of the machine shop in 1949 can be found here:

Tom Wood
Vacaville, CA


Hello! I am loving the site! I realize that it has been a while since this page was posted, but I am wondering if there is any way of contacting the current property owner? I am a photography student and am interested in shooting at this location, but don't want to violate any possible property issues.

Thank you for the help!

Santa Cruz, CA


I spent many a shivery night firing switch engines in Bayshore Yard. Fog, cold winds from San Bruno Mountain. A miserable place to work. But, it's sad to see the ruins of the old roundhouse.

Barry Anderson
Port Townsend, WA, WA


Hired out as a brakeman in 1967, went to Vietnam retaining my seniority, ....went back to work in 1971, working mostly freight out of Bayshore yards. TBX, OPS, CLM, 472, rockjob, Peddler, and the like. Great old memories of all the old 'heads'. 'High-Cube Hanna' comes to mind (conductor), and Defterius (conductor) who was a mean SOB, and he would agree. Enjoyed old Bayshore, with the bay breeze, fog, and lanterns glowing through the misty nights. Good memories....

J. B. Franzini
Sonoma, CA


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