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The Bath & Hammondsport Railroad

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Note: This line is officially "out-of-service" and not technically abandoned.

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The B&H passenger depot at Hammondsport, NY. Photo by Mike Palmer, October 2008.

This short line ran between its namesake towns, from a mainline connection at Bath to Hammondsport, on the south end of Keuka Lake. The mainline connection was with Conrail (formerly the Erie Lackawanna and the Erie Railroad before that).

At some point in the 1990s, the original shortline segment was placed out-of-service. The rails are still intact; however, the right-of-way is choked with weeds for much of its length.

Interestingly, the B&H is still active elsewhere, as it now operates the former CR/EL/DL&W mainline it connected with! (The B&H operates the line between Wayland and Corning.)

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I seen this railroad crossing on Main St. Sometimes when we leave kuka Lake. (its just right next to it!)



In later years, most of the traffic on the B&H was bottled wine headed outbound from Hammondsport, and empty bottles inbound. One man who was a new trainee on the original B&H just out of high school is now an engineer on the modern B&H that runs between Wayland and Painted Post.

By contrast, in the 1880's and 90's, something like a county fair brought hundreds of passengers to the line, so the B&H might sometimes have to borrow passenger cars from its nearest neighbor, the kanona and prattsburgh, which was parallel to the B&H, one valley further north.

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mt. morris, NY


In the third photo, the Railroad sign is gone and I think the tracks have been paved over. However, I saw some tracks in someone's garden.

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My dad was the fireman on engine 11 and later an engineer. He worked in the B&H for 38 years and am very proud of him

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The last I looked ... The Bath and Hammondsport RR was and is listed here click link AFFILIATED RAILROADS AND OTHER LINKS . there for I state the B.& H. RR is not Abandoned.

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