The Barnwell Branch

Goffs, CA to Searchlight, NV

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
Docket: 3360 1924 Section: 1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway and California, Arizona & Santa Fe Railway for authority to abandon 25.57 miles of the line of railway between Goffs, California and Searchlight, Nevada, known as Barnwell Branch.
Length: 25.57 miles Citation: 86 ICC 426

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are the tracks still there?

Hesperia, CA

There is no rail on the original route. Approx 1/2 miles West of Goffs The Barnwell Branch turn out headed North East then turns due north. Driving North out of Goffs on Lanfair Road you can venture west and pick up the road bed.

John Crawford
Barstow, CA

I'm researching the Walking Box Ranch, located seven miles west of Searchlight, on the Nipton Road. We are speculating that the ranch acquired the ties to build their corrals from this discontinued line. Do you know where we might look to confirm or discount this idea?

Mike Bennion
Henderson, , NV

From my research, the Barnwell Branch was part of a trio of ATSF branches. The Searchlight branch itself ran from Barnwell--its interchange with the California Eastern to North Ivanpah--to Searchlight over the New York Mountains. Its right of way is still traceable by Google Earth, and I am preparing a KML of it.

By any chance, is there any ICC filings on the abandonment of any track from North Ivanpah to Barnwell or Barnwell to Blake (present-day Goffs)? This rights-of-way are also visible.

Al Lewis
Irvine, CA

Mike the walking Box Ranch is owned by the BLM and still there, 7 miles west of Searchlight. I have found old remnants of the railroad in the desert to include ties, and have even found a long piece of the iron track in the desert.


David (DolanDave) Libuszowski
Las Vegas, NV

I just got done doing a renovation at WBR for BLM and NPS. the leftover rail ties would help to explain the fencing used there, but the road bed or rails are not near the ranch it's self. However, as far as the overall property goes, very likely since the ranch is about 100,000 acres.

David Jaworski
Arroyo Grande, CA