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The Bamberger Electric Railway was the dream of Simon Bamberger, a local railroad entrepreneur, who built the line between Salt Lake City and Ogden in 1908 (as the Salt Lake and Ogden Railway). Originally a steam operation, the line was electrified in 1910, and the railroad was consequently renamed to the Bamberger Electric Railway. Mainly a passenger interurban, the line also saw freight service.

A bankruptcy in 1933 and subsequent restructure forced another name change to Bamberger Railroad. After two devestating fires that wreaked havoc on the BRR's infrastructure, Bamberger filed for abandonment of passenger service along the line in 1952, and opted to use buses to continue passenger traffic between Salt Lake City and Ogden. Soon after bus service was instituted, the BRR sold off the bus lines in order to focus on the railroad's freight business. However, the business declined, and the BRR filed for abandonment of the line in 1958.

Today, the northernmost portion of the line is still in use by Union Pacific, while some of the abandoned sections of the right-of-way now serve as the Interstate 15 corridor between Hill Air Force Base and Woods Cross, UT.

I have quite a few Bamberger railroad circut station platforms. My grandfather was part of the crew. Is there anyone that could give me more information about these platforms?

farmington, UT


I don't know about you, but I found a little piece of what looked like a right of way while following the abandonment along the highway. Was that a part of the Bamberger Railroad?

Alexi Lauto
Las Vegas, NV


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/9f0

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