Bamberg to H&B Junction, SC

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This is part of the former branch line off the Charleston-Savannah mainline developed by the Plant System. The section to Ehrhardt was built as the Walterboro and Western in 1896. It was merged & re-org'd by Plant until as the Bamberg, Ehrhardt, & Walterboro it reached Bamberg & probably a junction with the SC & Georgia between Charleston and Branchville.

After the ACL took over the Plant System, the Ehrhardt-Bamberg section vanished between 1902 and 1926(when a Sanford map showed the end of line in Ehrhardt), probably by 1908.

The section between Ehrhardt and H&B Junction apparently was abandoned c. 1986 when the branch all the way through Walterboro to Green Pond was being abandoned or sold off by Seaboard/ CSX.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC