Baltimore to Annapolis

The Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad

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The former Baltimore & Annapolis right-of-way is seen in Glen Burnie, MD. View is looking south. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2013.

Line is abandoned south from Baltimore City to Linthicum where it splits from the WB&A mainline and continued to Annapolis via swing bridge across Severn River. Baltimore Light Rail follows alignment south out of Baltimore to Cromwell Glen Burnie. Remainder has become B&A Rail Trail. AKA Annapolis Short Line (ASL) North Shore Line of the WB&A.

Chris B.
Baltimore, MD


Back when the Baltimore Beltway was being constructed around the southern end of the city in the later 1950s, the highway crossed the B&A and parallel MD170 (Camp Meade Rd.) at grade. The reasons were: avoiding the expense of bridging a valley where the RR and state highway ran, the expectation that the RR would be abandoned shortly after the highway opened, and the state road would be closed with traffic diverted to other roads. Well, the RR surprised everyone by hanging on due to traffic increases in the Ferndale area. It's now a light rail line. The road closing was also protested and cancelled. In the end, the bridge was built anyway in the 1960s to eliminate the RR and state road grade crossings. I remember strings of boxcars filled with newsprint sitting on the B&A/B&O interchange tracks at Baltimore Highlands. Mostly CN, CV, and BAR roadnames on the cars since they originated at paper mills up north. For many years the B&A did a brisk business with the Ferndale printing plant. It kept the line going until the light rail took over the ROW.

David Earp
Mechanicsville, MD


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