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The Baldwin Park Branch

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Greg Harrison

Looking east-northeast along the right-of-way at the crossing with Southern Pacific's Sunset Route (now UP): Los Angeles is to the left; Colton, Yuma and all eastern points are to the right. This area looks completely different in 2010. The UP now crosses Ramona on an overpass; there are now businesses located on the former PE right-of-way. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 1984.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB-12 (Sub 8) Date: 5/14/1973 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for authority to aband. a line of the Baldwin Park Branch from MP 496.76 near South El Monte, easterly to MP 501.12 near Baldwin Park, a distance of 4.36 mi., in Los Angeles County, Calif.
Length: 4.36 miles Citation:  

This line ran adjacent to Ramona Blvd. its entire length. A few rail remnants existed at least until 1984, but I don't know if anything is there today. This is a remnant of what was once PE's line to San Bernardino.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA


There are still bridge piers in the San Gabriel river just north of the Ramona Blvd. bridge.

Tom Anderson
Alhambra, CA


This line did not go anywhere near South El Monte--that must have been a clerical error. Had this line remained in service for another 20 years (not likely, no on line customers) it would have made building the Metrolink San Bernardino line somewhat easier. On the other hand, the City of Baldwin Park probably wouldn't have been happy with 40+ passenger trains running down the median of the main drag.

Bob Davis
San Gabriel, CA


Didn't these tracks run right across from the old tommy burgers?

El Monte, CA


Does anyone know if Ramona Blvd may have previously been called Main Street in Baldwin Park? My grandfather worked for Southern Pacific in the teens and twenties and I'm trying to find any pictures of the Southern Pacific Station in that area circa 1928. Seems that was a brief period when the Al G. Barns Circus had winter quarters in the area - the same time that Covina Argus mentions a Cleugh's Cafe at something called Durbin Station(which I believe was located across the road from the winter quarters).

Catherine Cleugh (maiden name)
Santa Barbara, CA


At one time, the track extended east about a block from the junction at MP 501.12 along Badillo St. This was the remnant of the original PE line to Covina, most of which was abandoned when the San Bernardino Line was rerouted to the SP LaVerne branch, which was electrified in 1946. One surviving relic of the PE days is the shell of the Vineland Substation, which I think now belongs to the City of Baldwin Park.

Bob Davis
San Gabriel, CA



i know they're completely re-doing it now, but when was the last time someone used the old switch-track that went down next to "Wham-O"? my grandmother lived for years accross the tracks on grand ave(next to rosemead blvd) but i was too young to remember.

el monte, CA


The reference to "South El Monte" is correct. Although the line did not go near the incorporated city of South El Monte, Southern Pacific renamed the Pacific Electric station there South El Monte to avoid confusion with the station/siding name on the Sunset line. "South El Monte" appears in SP's Los Angeles Division timetables for the former PE line from 1965 until abandonment in 1973.

David Styffe
Fullerton, CA


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