Baldwin City to Ottawa

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The Baldwin District

Note: While previously abandoned, this line sees active service today.

This abandoned railway was built in 1867 as part of a railroad line connecting Leavenworth to the southern border of Kansas at Coffeyville. See The Lawrence District, just north of this segment, for a more extensive history. While the AT&SF filed for abandonment for this portion of the line in 1984, today it is in use by the Midland Railway, a tourist railroad.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: AB 52 Sub 37 Date: 12/10/1984 Section: 1152.50
Application to abandon a line of railroad known as the Baldwin District of the Eastern Division, extending from M.P. 14.95 at Baldwin to M.P. 26.04 at Ottawa, a distance of 11.09 miles, all in Douglas and Franklin Counties, Kansas.
Length: 11.09 miles Citation:  

You got the information correct about the Midland Railway but the wrong web address. Here's the correct address for the Midland Railroad:

The Midland Railway is friendly to people who have their own Kitty cars (that is Speeders) and railbikes.

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