Jefferson City to Bagnell

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The Bagnell Branch

Point of Interest

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Greg Harrison

The point of interest at Eldon should say that the branch crossed the former Rock Island, rather than the SLSW.

Tom Kleefisch
Dallas, TX


Point of interest should be corrected---this line was NOT built to construct Bagnell Dam. The line was originally the Jefferson City, Lebanon & Southwestern & constructed to Bagnell in 1882 with the intention of continuing on to Lebanon but it never made it across the Osage River. Bagnell Dam construction began in 1929---a full 47 years later. When the Dam was being constructed Union Electric did build a construction RR from Bagnell to the dam site but this was removed after the dam was completed in 1931. the line was abandoned in stages. Bagnell to US 54 after the 1943 flood; Bagnell to Eldon in the 1950s & Eldon to Jefferson City in 1962.

Jack Wright
Jefferson City, MO



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