Avon to Mount Morris


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

This line was built in 1851 by the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad, and ran between Rochester and Mount Morris. The Erie Railroad purchased the line in 1874, and abandoned this portion between Avon and Mount Morris in 1940.

Thanks to Mike Fromholt for contributing information about this route.

The former Erie Railroad line from Rochester to Mount Morris was built and owned by two separate railroads--the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad (incorporated August 7, 1851) Built a 6-foot gauge line from Rochester to Avon, 18.685 miles, opening same August 10, 1854. The R&GV was leased to a predecessor of the Erie Railway September 30, 1858. The Genesee Valley Railroad (inc June 2, 1856) built a 6-ft gauge line from Avon to Mount Morris, 15.356 miles, opening same June 6, 1859. The Avon, Geneseeo & Mount Morris Railroad Company (incorporated March 8, 1860) acquired the property of the GV at bankruptcy sale May 29, 1860. The AG&MM built a 6-foot gauge line from Mt Morris to Sonyea, 2.234 miles, opening same in 1871. The AG&MM was leased to the Erie Railway January 1, 1872.

Michael J. Connor
Dover, OH


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